Hilltop & Island by Snowshoes with Campfire (Snowshoeing Rovaniemi, Lapland)

During our snowshoeing trip will be in the Lappish wilderness in a snow-covered nature area. We will enjoy a variety of landscapes ranging from steep hillside to a flat frozen lake.

Guided Hilltop & Island Snowshoeing Tour

We’ll climb a small hill on the lakeside from where we will enjoy the panoramic vista over Lappish wilderness. The whole climb will be in snowshoes, so it is gonna be a new experience, much different from a regular hike to the top of the hill. From the top, we will go down enjoying deep snow. Later a safe, but yet thrilling, walk on the ice lake will take us to the island where we will prepare food on the campfire.

The Tour Includes

  • sausages (vegan options available on request)
  • blueberry juice


130€ per person

Length of the Tour

7 hours



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