Best of Northern Lapland Road Trip


Best of Northern Lapland Road Trip (With a Guide)

We will drive from Rovaniemi to the north to see one of the most beautiful fells in Finland. On the way to the north, we will have a stop at the top of one of the highest fells which are the center of one of the biggest ski resorts in the country. During the day, it is very likely to meet with reindeer in the wild. Additionally, we will pass through a reindeer herders village where life is still based on the husbandry. It’s one of the very few places in Finland where it is possible to see a real village shop.

We will also pass through a Sami area and walk on the lake. We will stop in an entrance to a beautiful valley between the fells. We can have a lazy stroll in the valley or climb a fell in snowshoes. After the hike, we will stop for preparing food on fire. It’ll be time to enjoy a traditional Finnish sausage and blueberry juice in a Lappish hut. On the way back to Rovaniemi, we will stop by Snow Village to see a spectacular ice castle (weather permitting).

The Tour Includes

  • sausages (vegan options available on request)
  • blueberry juice


200€ per person (minimum 2 people)


300€ – 1 person

Length of the Road Trip

12 hours




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