Night Watch on the Ice aka Aurora Borealis Hunt (Lapland Northern Lights Tour)


Northern Lights Tour

After meeting at the hotel, we will go by car to a hidden place north from the Arctic Circle, away from the city and its lights where we will make a campfire right on the ice of the lake. It will keep us warm while we are watching the sky looking for northern lights. While being there, we will make sausages on the fire and that is the most popular Finnish food eaten in nature. The whole evening, I’ll be happy to share stories and answer any questions about Lapland. In case the lake is not well frozen, we will have a campfire on the shore of the lake in a lean-to shelter.

The Tour Includes

  • sausages (vegan options available on request)
  • blueberry juice


90€ per person

Length of the Aurora Borealis Tour

3 hours




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